Paint Your Wagon

Paint Your Wagon (1969)

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Continuity mistake: When Lee Marvin hits Clint Eastwood and interrogates him about riding the same horse with Elizabeth, Marvin's chin strap alternates begins the scene tucked tightly under his chin, then is resting against the front of his face, then tucked under his chin again, yet he never touches it with his hands.

Rex Stanfield

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Suggested correction: The times this happens it snaps to Eastwood, who is to say he doesn't adjust then.

No, when the chin strap changes, even though the camera cuts to Eastwood, Marvin is still in frame and we see his arms down. He never moves his hands up to adjust it.


Revealing mistake: In the climactic scene when the whole town ends up in Ben's and Pardner's tunnel system, including the brothel where young Horton is once again exploring his limits, the bed with Horton and his lady of choice falls on the street. When it topples over it's obvious that both Horton and his sparring partner are tied to the bed. (02:23:20)


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Horace Tabor: Wait a minute! You can't buy a woman for money.
Mad Jack Duncan: You just try and get one without it.

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