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Raising Helen (2004)

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Corrected entry: Pastor Dan mentions that Lutherans believe in "Heaven, hell, purgatory". Lutherans do not believe in purgatory.

Correction: The little boy asked Pastor Dan if Lutherans believed in all that. Pastor Dan says 'yeah, pretty much' He never said that yes they believe in all that. He was just agreeing with whatever the boy said.

Corrected entry: When Helen and the kids are going back to the house after the weird guy just asked her out, you can see how her lips are not moving.

Correction: In the DVD version (I do not know the others) Helen is not showing her face when going back to the house, so you cannot see her lips. Later on, when she turns back, she is not saying anything.

Continuity mistake: After the birthday party, when the three women are talking in the kitchen, watch the stuff on the table next to the pregnant woman. There is a metal pot, which temporarily becomes a frying pan, and a yellow dishcloth, which appears and disappears. (00:09:45 - 00:10:50)

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Ed Portman: Maybe it's a celebrity, coming to knit with you.

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Question: What was so important about the song lyrics in the letter Lindsay gave to Helen? What didn't Jenny get when she said that Helen's letter wasn't a letter and that it was just a bunch of nonsensical lyrics?

Answer: Helen's letter was actually the lyrics to the song "Whip It" by Devo. This is the same song that Helen gives to Lindsay for her birthday, along with the funny red hats from the music video. The song is obviously a shared memory between the two sisters, and one that Jenny never was a part of. The fact that Helen's letter was just song lyrics just shows how close the sisters really were.


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