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Teen Wolf Too (1987)

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Continuity mistake: After Todd Howard knocks out his opponent in the boxing match, the crowd immediately starts throwing cups of popcorn into the ring. The camera cuts to Todd cheering and then an overview shot of his opponent laying face down on the canvas. At that view you can see that there is no rubbish or popcorn or anything else in the ring. Then when the camera cuts back to a side view there is loads of rubbish and popcorn all over the place once again.

Question: When Todd looks at the classes that Stiles picked for him, the classes listed are girls' volleyball, candle making and French for Chefs. Do any such classes actually exist, or are they just made up for the movie?

Answer: Other than girls' volleyball, the other subjects are unlikely to be offered as stand-alone, for-credit academic classes, though they could be part of a more general course curriculum. Candle-making is something that could be offered as a non-credit, off-hours, leisure class, though "French for Chefs" is highly unlikely.

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