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Question: When Mrs. Clackett tells Flavia that the bed hasn't been aired, Flavia says, "I'll get a hot water bottle." What is the hot water bottle for?


Chosen answer: Hot water bottles were used to warm the sheets and take the "staleness" out of sheets that have not been used in a while.

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Question: After the burglar comes in and is carrying on a running monologue as he continually enters and exits, he says something about it being time to hand over the ammonia bottle to a younger man. I don't understand the reference about the ammonia bottle - could someone enlighten me?


Chosen answer: I have the script/play and the reference is merely a part of a continuous ranting dialoge that the burglar is riffing on about being so digusted in being a burglar that he laments quitting the 'job' and "handing over the ammonia bottle" to a younger man. Passing on the 'family business" as it were. The ammonia bottle refers to what burglars use in their trade.

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Continuity mistake: As Lloyd leaves the stage asking what the show will be without him, Poppy's standing in the middle of the stage. But in the next shot she is leaning against the proscenium.

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Lloyd: You hang up the phone, you leave the sardines, and you got out with the newspaper.

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