The Burning

The Burning (1981)

10 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: In the raft scene the boy at the front right, from his view, is kneeling on his left leg. When the camera cuts behind them he's suddenly kneeling on his right leg and remains on this leg through every other angle.

Paul Andrews

Revealing mistake: When the skull the children leave at the caretaker's hut falls over and engulfs him in flames you can see the stuntman's protective head gear.

Paul Andrews

Continuity mistake: The amount of foam and shampoo in the blonde girl's hair in the outdoor shower is inconsistent throughout the entire scene between all camera angles.

Paul Andrews

Continuity mistake: In the raft scene, when the caretaker slashes his first victim his hedge cutters get stuck in a tree branch and we seem them covered in blood, but then when he pulls them out and raises them into the air to stab his second victim they're clean and shiny.

Paul Andrews

Continuity mistake: When the black doctor convinces the white doctor to view the caretaker's burn in the hospital, the white doctor's tie goes from crooked around his neck to straight between shots.

Paul Andrews

Audio problem: Throughout the raft scene it is so obvious that all the yelling and talking from the excited children is dubbed - through most of any dialogue their mouths are shut.

Paul Andrews

Revealing mistake: In the infamous raft scene, it is so obvious the child who gets stabbed in the throat with the hedge cutters is a real head attached to a dummy body, one; because his neck is too long and two; when he moves his head his neck stays ridged.

Paul Andrews

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the film, Alfred freaks out when he sees Cropsy come up to the cabin window. On the DVD, Cropsy's face is seen as just dark and disfigured. However at the end of the film at the abandoned mine, you see that Cropsy's face has dramatically changed from being just disfigured to having more of a melted appearance.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where the burned man attacks the prostitute (the first scene after he leaves the hospital) you can see him stab her with scissors, but when he takes them out we can see that they're missing tips for safety (they're too thick to have broken off inside her). (00:12:50)


Revealing mistake: In the raft scene where the garden shears end up hitting parts of the raft, there is one scene where the shears cut through one of the planks of wood. You can see that the plank gets cut too cleanly. No matter how sharp garden shears are or how fast they are being swung around, wood doesn't get cut this way. This plank has been pre-cut.


Karen: You're crazy.
Eddy: Yeah, I know. Crazy for you.

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