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Gilbert: Every theatrical performance is a contrivance by its very nature.
Sullivan: Yes, but this piece consists entirely of an artificial and implausible situation.
Gilbert: If you wish to write a Grand Opera about a prostitute, dying of consumption in a garret, I suggest you contact Mr Ibsen in Oslo. I am sure he will be able to furnish you with something suitably dull.

Gilbert: I don't quite know how to take praise. It makes my eye red.

Gilbert: Madam, I had rather spend an afternoon in a Turkish bath with my mother than visit the dratted dentist.

Gilbert: Can we do that line again please, Barrington, and this time try it in English.

Gilbert: I'm sure we shall reap the benefits of your remonstrations in the fullness of time.

Richard D'Oyly Carte: Well, I don't know about you, but speaking for myself, I could murder a pork chop.

Gilbert's Father: A father should not have to seek permission to visit his own son.
Gilbert: The son shouldn't be expected to be clairvoyant.

John D'Auban, Choregrapher: I haven't laughed so much since my tights caught fire in "Harlequin Meets Itchity Witch and the Snitch."

Fanny Ronalds: Lady Colin is irresistible. She cannot conceive why the Irish are starving when there's lots of good fish in the sea.
Sullivan: She most probably has a point.

Fanny Ronalds: Oh, there's good news from Dublin.
Sullivan: Mm?
Fanny Ronalds: The Churchills are to return to London.
Sullivan: Forgiven, but not forgotten.
Fanny Ronalds: I do hope so. Jenny says Winston is eleven, covered in freckles, and has a total disdain for authority.

Gilbert: A terrible thing has just happened, Grossmith. You've become a cockney.

Factual error: When the choristers are discussing whether to complain to Gilbert about his omission of Richard Temple's solo, one male singer refuses, saying that he has been with Carte's company for 38 seasons. However, the company had only been in existence for seven years in 1885.

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