The Crimson Rivers

The Crimson Rivers (2000)

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Audio problem: When Dahmanne walks away in a huff from Niemans, Dahmanne is in the foreground. Niemans is seen out of focus in the rear and his voice is heard on the soundtrack, trying to smooth Dahmanne's ruffled ego. However, Niemans' lips are not seen to be moving.

Continuity mistake: After they rescued Pierre Niéman, Kerkerian and Fanny out of the avalanche, they put an O2-mask over her face. The strings of the mask were full of blood - even before they touched the bloody face of Fanny.

Plot hole: In the cafe scene after the fingerprints have been identified as belonging to someone who was thought to have been killed, Jean Reno tells Vincent Cassel that the person who shot at him had all ten fingers. How did he know that? The audience only sees one hand which is holding the pistol and the other hand is out of sight.

Audio problem: When the hooded killer fires at point blank range at Jean Reno, the sound is that of a silenced pistol but the pistol shown is without a silencer.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Max Kerkerian and the two cops are walking in the cemetery, you can see the crew members' reflected on the 2º grave (a brown one).

Revealing mistake: In the opening credits sequence, the aerial camera pans over a ruined castle and the BMW with Jean Reno comes into shot ~ it is obvious that this car starts from just under the castle and was not travelling along the road before it came into shot.

Visible crew/equipment: When the first autopsy is about to be performed, the camera crane shadow can be seen on the corpse.

Continuity mistake: When Jean Reno forces open the sealed student's door, the wood splinters. In the reverse angle from inside the room, there is no damage to the door.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene while Max is talking to Pierre on the snow, the sun changes between shots.

Max Kerkerian: Supercop scared of a little pooch? Son of a bitch.

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Trivia: Although they have no scenes together, this is the first film in which Vincent Cassel (Max) and his father Jean Pierre Cassel (Dr Cherneze) appear together.

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