The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time (1988)


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Ducky: The tree is talking.
Littlefoot: No it isn't.
Ducky: You should not eat talking trees. Nope, nope nope.

Littlefoot: Cera, hello.
Cera: What do you want?
Littlefoot: Nothing. Where are you going?
Cera: I'm going to find my own kind. They're on the other side.
Littlefoot: I've looked all over here. You can't climb up the other side.
Cera: Maybe you can't.

Cera: This is the Great Valley? You're crazy! I'm leaving.
Littlefoot: Cera, we have to keep following the bright circle.
Cera: I'm taking the easy way.
Littlefoot: But it's the wrong WAY.
Cera: Who says?
Littlefoot: My mother.
Cera: Then SHE was a stupid long neck too.
Littlefoot: Take that back.
Cera: Never.
Littlefoot: Take IT back.
Cera: No.

Narrator: It was a mark of many dangers. Sharp Teeth stalked the herds waiting to feed on the weak ones. The leaf-eaters stopped only to hatch their young. Some of the young seemed born without fear, but even hatching could be dangerous.

Cera: See? I can take care of myself - all by myself. I'm not afraid to be alone. I know my way to go, and I'm not afraid of Sharptooth... I hope he doesn't eat any of you.

Ducky: Up, Petrie! Higher! Higher like a flyer.

Littlefoot's mother: Dear, sweet, Littlefoot, do you remember the way to the Great Valley?
Littlefoot: I guess so. But why do I have to know if you're going to be with me?
Littlefoot's mother: I'll be with you. Even if you can't see me.
Littlefoot: What do you mean I can't see you? I can always see you.

Littlefoot's mother: I'll be in your heart, Littlefoot. Let your heart guide you.

Narrator: Though, they were sourced out and tired, Littlefoot urged them on. He'd never seen the Great Valley, but his heart told him that they were close. Surely, at the top, they'd behold it, finally.

Daddy Topps: Come Cera, three horns never play with long necks.

Narrator: And Littlefoot found his grandmother and grandfather at last. The same loving faces he looked into on the day of his birth.

Narrator: Cera was still too proud to admit that - she'd gone the wrong way.

Ducky: Where are we going?
Littlefoot: To the Great Valley. I'm not gonna stop until I find my grandparents.

Littlefoot: You want to go with me?
Ducky: Yeah! Oh... Oh, yes, yes, yes! I do! I do.
Littlefoot: Alright, come on. But you'll have to keep up.
Ducky: I will keep up. I will.

Narrator: The Great Valley was all they'd dreamed it would be: a land of green, and leaves, and life.

Narrator: All that remained of his herd was his mother, grandmother and his grandfather. He knew them by sight, by scent, and by their love. He knew they would be together, always.

Narrator: In this time of the clash of continents, a great earthquake split the land. Herds were scattered. Families were cut in two. Littlefoot was separated from his grandparents.
Daddy Topps: Cera.
Cera: Mama! Daddy.
Narrator: Cera was on one side of the divide. Her parents were on the other.

Narrator: Littlefoot had been wrong about the Sharptooth, but the others followed him. They're only hope was to reach the Great Valley, and Littlefoot alone knew the way.

Petrie: You've got a nice flat head, Flat Head.

Continuity mistake: When Petri is lifted up the tree to pull down leaves, he only pulls down a little bit. Then when he falls out of the tree, the ground is covered with leaves and the tree looks bare.


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Answer: We are not shown how they got out of the tar.

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