In The Army Now

In The Army Now (1994)

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Bones, his team and a camel complete their water purification mission. They defeat the enemy troops along with the army. Bones and Jack return to America with their new camel friend to start their own electronics store: Sahara Stereo.

Doug Hryniuk

Factual error: Bones calls the Drill Sergeant "Ma'am" or "Sir" several times and she never does anything. Anyone who has been through Army Basic Training can tell you, a Drill Sergeant will NEVER let "Sir" or "Ma'am" pass without comment. And this is not a character mistake, It would be like calling a Senator "Governor" or a Catholic preacher "Rabbi" and having them ignore it.

Grumpy Scot

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Bones: We're the few. The proud. The waterboys.

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Trivia: Brendan Fraser once again reprises his role as Encino Man in this film, as the soldier who tells Bones "don't eat the chicken, it tastes just like frog," and then eats something off Bones' tray.


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