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In The Army Now (1994)

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Corrected entry: Bones Conway gets a call from a recording notifying him that his unit has been activated. Such calls are made in person, for the simple reason that if a recording was really used, no one would ever admit to getting the message.

Correction: It is not a recording. A recording would not call more than once regardless of when Bones hung up or anything. The call is made several times by a person, who's only objective would be to say the code, not get on to them or anything, or it would make the call null and void.

Corrected entry: During the bombing, the plane changes from an F-14, to a F-111.

Correction: First Sergeant Williams says after the first bombs miss, that he is sending a backup squadron of F-111's.

Correction: It's full of air bubbles which are slowly settling out. That's what causes the color change.


Factual error: Bones calls the Drill Sergeant "Ma'am" or "Sir" several times and she never does anything. Anyone who has been through Army Basic Training can tell you, a Drill Sergeant will NEVER let "Sir" or "Ma'am" pass without comment. And this is not a character mistake, It would be like calling a Senator "Governor" or a Catholic preacher "Rabbi" and having them ignore it.

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Bones: Is it hot in Chad?

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Trivia: Brendan Fraser once again reprises his role as Encino Man in this film, as the soldier who tells Bones "don't eat the chicken, it tastes just like frog," and then eats something off Bones' tray.


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