In The Army Now

In The Army Now (1994)

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Factual error: Bones calls the Drill Sergeant "Ma'am" or "Sir" several times and she never does anything. Anyone who has been through Army Basic Training can tell you, a Drill Sergeant will NEVER let "Sir" or "Ma'am" pass without comment. And this is not a character mistake, It would be like calling a Senator "Governor" or a Catholic preacher "Rabbi" and having them ignore it.

Grumpy Scot

Deliberate mistake: Bones is preparing to attack the Libyan Scud missiles with the shoulder-fired missiles and fires one backwards. These are AT4 anti-tank weapons, and while a soldier could conceivably manage to work the cocking lever backwards, he would really have to twist his hand to work the safety and the trigger backwards. But Bones should have realized it even sooner, because the sights were behind him.

Bones: I've seen lots of camel toes before, but never on a camel.

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Trivia: Brendan Fraser once again reprises his role as Encino Man in this film, as the soldier who tells Bones "don't eat the chicken, it tastes just like frog," and then eats something off Bones' tray.


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