Original Gangstas

Original Gangstas (1996)


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Jake Trevor: Well look like the Reverend did his job right well I guess we better do ours, hey you take care of yourself okay.
Laurie Thompson: Baby you coming back?
Jake Trevor: You know I'm coming back I'm home now.

Spyro: Haven't seen you in a while Bobby, where you been?
Bobby: I've been around, you know me I'm Alway's taking care of business.
Damien: Bobby explain something to me, how the fuck can you miss hitting a man in the head At Point Blank Range.
Bobby: I thought I hit him.

Kayo: Oh thanks for the tip Rev, we won't never forget this here.
Reverend Dorsey: You got all their Hardware they're not a threat to you anymore why don't you just let him go.
Kayo: No I'll tell you what, why don't you run home and pray FOR their ASSE'S, and you did good okay.

Damien: John Bookman thought he could take this town back from us he was wrong, John Bookman tried to cross us with the Diablo's he was wrong again. Now we will burn this whole fucking block to the ground, burn it all.

Blood: What the hell is this? What the fuck was this? I know that was Damien's motherfucking car.Damien that's your ass, Mr. Big cueball head motherfucker and Spryo you high yellow bitch! Come over here fucking with me and my people! What the fuck y'all standing around for huh, what the fuck is your problem. Yeah this mean's WAR motherfucker.

Plot hole: Spyro says to Rafael the gun dealer that they need the "hardware" (guns) cause they're going to be hit, but in the scene before we see the Diablos already hitting them after the Mayor finishes talking to the police over the phone.


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