Original Gangstas

When a group of New Rebels take over his old neighborhood of Gary, Indiana, and with the death of a neighborhood child, John Bookman and Jake Trevor come back. When John's father is shot, the war is made more personal. Through a failed truce, this only splits the two gangs, Old and New Rebels. Both sides battle for control of Gary, Indiana, fighting little battles, playing games of cat and mouse on both sides. The conclusion shows the victors of the vicious street war, and the aftermath of the war.

Rich Strangfeld

Plot hole: Spyro says to Rafael the gun dealer that they need the "hardware" (guns) cause they're going to be hit, but in the scene before we see the Diablos already hitting them after the Mayor finishes talking to the police over the phone.


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Spyro: Haven't seen you in a while Bobby, where you been?
Bobby: I've been around, you know me I'm Alway's taking care of business.
Damien: Bobby explain something to me, how the fuck can you miss hitting a man in the head At Point Blank Range.
Bobby: I thought I hit him.

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