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Corrected entry: The moon is shown several times over a period of a number of days, but it's always shown as the same shaped crescent.


Correction: The moon is, in fact, not always a crescent. It is shown as crescent to depict the imagination of Sarah, and ultimately her mother. In the scene when the tower is completed, for instance, the moon is, in reality, a full moon, and is shown as such several times. The film alternates between crescent and full in this scene to switch back and forth between the shared imaginary moon, which is crescent, and the real moon, which is full. The next morning, the crescent moon is shown as becoming full.

Continuity mistake: When Sally is on the roof and sees her mom, Kathleen Turner's, hat is on backwards, she starts to scream, causing her mom to fall. She falls directly out of the window. When Kathleen Turner turns her hat back around, Sally starts walking back to the window, but when they show her walking back, her mom is several feet to the right from under the window.

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