Godsend (2004)

Ending / spoiler

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After the Adam/Zachary personality comes close to killing his mother with a hammer, Paul makes it a close call by obstructingg the blow.We then see the good doctor examining obituaries along with articles about a rural doctor disappearance.Then, we see that Jessie, Paul and Adam/Zachary have moved and while Adam/Zachary explores his room, we see a strange hand pull in Adam into the closet. Paul comes upstairs to fetch him and gets a scare from Adam/Zachary, who then says "I'm okay daddy" and smiles.


Continuity mistake: When Jessie walks into the photography shop or studio to see if her photographs have sold she is wearing a tan jacket with a sheepskin collar and sheepskin lines on it. When she leaves the shop she is wearing a completely different jacket similar in color, but it has a hood.

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Richard Wells: You think you can just open Pandora's box and close it again?

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