Das Weiße Rauschen

Das Weiße Rauschen (2001)

4 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: When Lukas returns from the clinic Kati and Jochen have painted the walls in his room green, but when he lies down the walls behind the bed are white again. (00:54:30)


Continuity mistake: When Lukas talks to Jochen about the effects of his medication on the voices he hears, the pill box on the bench keeps shifting around. (00:59:05)


Visible crew/equipment: After Lukas flushes his pills down the toilet we see him running through the rain. In two shots the umbrella that protects the cameraman appears at the top. (01:02:25)


Continuity mistake: After they have arrived in Spain Lukas' new hippie friends have a picnic on the roadside. When Lukas sits down the items on the table move around or appear, like a pair of sunglasses and a steel mug in front of him. (01:21:45)


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