Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island

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9.4/10. Possibly the best animated Scooby Doo movie ever made. I liked the atmosphere of an island seemingly isolated in the center of a Louisiana swamp. Throw in some zombies and were cat creatures of centuries old cultists and it's a pretty good watch. Everything seemed to have been well thought out from characters to plot. The scene of the three were cat creatures dying may be disturbing for children so parents should be careful what age their kids are before they see this. The one negative was Shaggy's voice which sometimes got on my nerves but that's a small negative at best.


Continuity mistake: One of the cat creatures rips Shaggy's shirt at the end, but a few seconds later his shirt is fine.

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Chris: No wonder you became a reporter, that monster almost sliced you up like a pepperoni pizza.
Daphne Blake: Actually Chris, every time there seemed to be a monster, it was just bad guys in masks.

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