Marnie (1964)

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Revealing mistake: When Marnie is dreaming, watch her window. The curtains move as if there is wind, but the window is closed.

Revealing mistake: Marnie is obviously riding in front of a back-projection, as it freezes up as she approaches the wall.

Continuity mistake: At the safe, the contents, most noticeably the cash bundles, move around between shots.

Continuity mistake: At the fox hunt, when Marnie rides away and is chased by Lil, Marnie's hair in the close-ups has come undone and is flowing straight back. Whenever the scene cuts to a long shot, the rider, obviously a stunt double, has her hair tied back in a loose pony-tail.

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Continuity mistake: About one hour into movie Marnie & Sean Connery's character are driving in a car and talking. The shot moves back and forth to the person who is speaking. Each shot shows one of them talking and if you watch behind the speaker at scenery, road, bridges, exit ramps, medians, etc., you'll notice it doesn't jive. For example there will be a grass median or an overpass out the back window when he speaks but it's not there when shot moves to her. It goes on the whole time they're in the car riding and talking.

Continuity mistake: During the first trip to the horse track, there are two glasses on the table (possibly an iced tea and dark soft drink). A short while later both glasses are gone.

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Trivia: Louise Latham plays Tippi Hendren's mother in the film, even though in real life she's only eight years her senior.

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