Theatre of Blood

Theatre of Blood (1973)


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Peregrine Devlin: You begin to resent an actor if you always have to give him bad notices.

Inspector Boot: Who hates you enough to kill two of your circle?
Peregrine Devlin: Critics are likely to make enemies, inspector. You can call it an occupational hazard.

Inspector Boot: Look, Devlin, when two people have the same motive to murder and one of them is still alive, who would you arrest?

Continuity mistake: The hot knives that are set up in the King Lear scene towards the end of the film are sometimes smoking and sometimes not depending on the shot.

David Mercier

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Trivia: One of the movie critics that Edward Lionhart kills in the movie is Miss Chloe Moon, played by Coral Browne. In real life, Vincent Price and Coral Browne fell madly in love while making this movie, and they married shortly afterward, and remained married until her death in 1991.

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