Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction (2004)

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Revealing mistake: In the rain scene approximately 25 minutes into the movie a man is talking to a woman in a very heavy rain. His shirt has very little rain on it and a large part stays completely dry. The dry side is on the side where the rain is coming from.

Wayne C.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Audrey and Daniel are talking and the camera switches back and forth between close up shots of them - Daniel has a strand of hair that keeps appearing and disappearing in front of his forehead.

Continuity mistake: When Julianne Moore is talking to Parker Posey outside the club where Posey's husband is singing, Posey has her arm up on the wall. You can see a wide jeweled bracelet hanging from her wrist. For the first two shots, the bracelet is unclasped, but in the final shot where she has herself propped up against the wall, Posey's bracelet is finally clasped shut.

Daniel: If you can reach out and touch the horizon, you're at your journeys end.
Audrey: James Joyce?
Daniel: My Uncle Clive, but, equally profound, don't you think?

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Trivia: Director Peter Howitt has a cameo at the start of the film - he's the husband (Pierce Brosnan's client) in the divorce case.

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