The Stepford Wives

Joanna Eberhardt (Nicole Kidman) is fired from her high paying job as a Network Executive in New York after a contestant on one of her shows tries to sabotage the Network. Joanna is fired and moves with her husband, Walter (Matthew Broderick) to Stepford, Connecticut. Joanna soon finds out that the women of Stepford are all the same; blond, big-breasted and slaves to their husbands' every whim. Joanna later finds out that the women all had one thing in common; they all had higher paying jobs than their husbands before they moved to Stepford. Joanna goes on an investigation to find out the truth and Walter debates whether or not change Joanna into one of the Stepford wives.


Continuity mistake: When at the Men's Association, Mike Wellington raises a glass and toasts Stepford. He does this with his left hand. When the shot changes to show all the men, he is still doing it with his left hand. But when the shot changes back to Mike, the glass is now in his right hand, with no time between shots to change hands.

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Mike Wellington: My real name isn't Mike, it's just a nickname from where I used to work.
Joanna Eberhard: Where?
Mike Wellington: Microsoft.
Ted Van Sant: NASA.
Vic Stevens: Disney.
Stan Peters: AOL.
Joanna Eberhard: Is that why the women are so slow?

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Trivia: Walter's member number (1956) is also the password to allow Jo to leave the house.


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Question: Is the name Roger Bannister significant? Roger Bannister was the first man to run a four minute mile, is this a coincidence?

Answer: He was the first man to run a sub 4 minute mile,but there doesn't appear to be anything more than coincedence.

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