The Stepford Wives

Continuity mistake: When at the Men's Association, Mike Wellington raises a glass and toasts Stepford. He does this with his left hand. When the shot changes to show all the men, he is still doing it with his left hand. But when the shot changes back to Mike, the glass is now in his right hand, with no time between shots to change hands.

Continuity mistake: It's raining when Joanna goes to the Men's Association to find her husband and children. When she walks in the door her hair is wet but her clothes are completely dry. (01:01:50)


Visible crew/equipment: When Walter is driving down the highway with his family in tow, right after he explains to his kids why they're moving, he looks over at Joe with her head slumped against the window, and the reflection of some filming equipment (possibly the camera) is seen on the window at the bottom-right corner of the screen. (00:13:20)

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Continuity mistake: At the foot of the staircase in Sarah's house, Joanna and Roger change positions relative to each other a few times. (00:33:45)

The Stepford Wives mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bobbi, Roger, and Jo break into Sarah's house, just as they hear the noises upstairs Roger's arms change from at his sides to crossed. (00:33:25)


Audio problem: When Joanna goes to The Simply Stepford Day Spa, Clair begins her Clairobics, and says, "Come on Joanna." Behind Joanna, Clair's reflection shows her telling everyone to do the "spin cycle" but she isn't heard. Then in the shot facing Clair, she again tells them to do the spin cycle.

Walter Kresby: First of all we are in the country now, so no more black.
Joanna Eberhart: No more black? Are you insane?
Walter Kresby: You heard me. Only high-powered, neurotic, castrating, Manhattan career bitches wear black. Is that what you want to be?
Joanna Eberhart: Ever since I was a little girl.

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Trivia: Walter's member number (1956) is also the password to allow Jo to leave the house.

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