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Corrected entry: When Van Helsing slices Mr. Hyde's arm off, there's hardly a drop of blood. This is a major amputation, there should be blood spurting from the stump.

Correction: He cuts off the arm while Jekyll/Hyde is in his mutated form. Since the character is no longer human, human anatomy no longer applies. It's entirely possible Hyde just doesn't bleed (none of the vampires ever bleed even though at one point they were human themselves). Bottom line is if the being in question is longer human, you can throw the rules regarding human blood loss out the window.

Corrected entry: The left hand of God is a synonym for the Holy Spirit.

Christoph Galuschka Premium member

Correction: The Left Hand of God is typically the archangel Gabriel, not the Holy Spirit. This is why Dracula refers to Van Helsing as "Gabriel" throughout the film; he is the archangel incarnate. Gabriel and the Holy Spirit are two separate and very different entities in Christian theology.

Corrected entry: On some of the film's promotional posters, the city view behind the lead characters shows landmarks of Budapest (the Parliament, the Danube and the Chain Bridge) in front of Dracula's Transylvanian castle.

Correction: Promotional material such as posters, artwork and DVD covers are not considered parts of the film, and as such, these are not movie mistakes.


Corrected entry: Really poor CGI job on the first Dracula Bride's death scene - her face looks pasted on and out of proportion with the rest of her body, even before she starts to disintegrate.


Correction: This would be a great mistake, had it not been that her body was shriveling up before it disintegrated, which is why her head was much bigger than the body. You can tell because for the first portion of the shot, her body is in perfect scale, but shrinks a little bit when she starts to wriggle and scream.

Corrected entry: When Anna and Van Helsing are tailing the werewolf, Anna sees some fur hanging on a tree. Anna tells Van Helsing that after the first full moon a person remains a werewolf forever. Earlier in the movie, there is a shadow of a werewolf chained to the wall. Obviously the Velkan werewolf since Velkan had killed the werewolf that bit him. Since this werewolf is Velkan then that means that his first full moon has occurred and he should be trapped in werewolf form up until his death. But when he returns to his home he is seen as a human for just a few seconds, before changing back to a werewolf.

Correction: She didn't mean that you would stay a werewolf forever. She meant that once bitten by a werewolf, you would have the werewolf curse upon you forever.

Mortug Premium member

Except that during the battle with the gray werewolf at the beginning of the movie, it took place during the day so that would mean that anyone who was infected would be a werewolf forever. If not, then the werewolf shouldn't be out during the day.

When Anna and Van Helsing go to Frankenstein's castle, Anna sees Velkan strapped to the machine. As she tries to free him, he turns into a werewolf and stays one until he is killed by Van Helsing. This shows that anyone infected by lycanthropy becomes a werewolf forever.

Not only that but, when Velkan, as a werewolf is chasing Van Helsing, Anna and Carl, the entire chase happens during the day and he doesn't become human again until he's killed.

Corrected entry: When Van Helsing "agrees" to trade Frankenstein for Anna, Aleera tells Van Helsing that there will be a masquerade ball in Budapest. Aleera never tells Van Helsing exactly where in Budapest the ball will be at but Van Helsing and Carl find it with no problem.

Correction: He simply got the information off-screen.

Mortug Premium member

How though? After she delivers the message, she simply flies off. So who could have given the information to him?

Well, it's a "high-society" ball so it's a major event. In addition, remember Van Helsing is acting as the prime agent of a secret order that is implied to be a worldwide organization designed to respond as quick as possible to evil. With those sorts of resources, finding a social event that is likely the "talk of the town" would not be much of a challenge for the world's premiere investigator.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Frankenstein stabs Dracula with the sword, he stabs him from the front, but when Dracula bites him, he pulls the sword out from the back.

Correction: You only see the shadow of him pulling out the sword, but it is plausible that he pulls the sword out from the back, hilt and all, then heals himself.

Corrected entry: When the coach is getting ready to take the Frankenstein monster to Rome, Anna says "Nothing is faster than Transylvanian horses - not even a werewolf." Yet during the coach journey, the werewolf attacks the coach. How could it have caught up with them? (I don't think the Brides could have carried it - carrying such a large and heavy creature would have slowed them down too much).

Correction: First off all, believing that the vampire brides were incapable of carrying a werewolf is pure speculation. In fact, earlier in the movie you can see them pick up a cow and throw it through the roof of a building with ease, so carrying a werewolf in human shape should be a breeze. Secondly, it is entirely possible that Anna is boasting when she talks about the speed of the horses. And thirdly, even if the Transilvanian horses are extremely fast normally, Van Helsing wanted Draculas minions to catch up with them - that's why he rigged a trap in one of the coaches.And if we were to start calculating the speed of six horses dragging a heavy coach with one extremely heavy passenger plus some luggage opposed to the speed of an unencumbered solitary werewolf... well, you get the point.


Corrected entry: Hyde's bullet wound appears and disappears throughout the scene.


Correction: Hyde's bullet wound is there during the entire scene. It is just in shadow much of the time.

Corrected entry: The placement of the regions on the map is a bit mixed up: in reality, Budapest was (and is) to the Northwest of Transylvania, not to the Southwest. To reach the Vatican by starting off South from Transylvania would be more than a five hundred mile detour. (01:11:40)

Correction: We never see a "key" on the map, so for all we know, the map is just being displayed as if upside-down, so the blood-trickling effect would work.

Corrected entry: When Verona rips the side off of the coach, there is nothing inside, yet in a few shots later, she sees a bundle of stakes attached to explosives. (01:14:05)

Correction: The reason we didn't see any stakes in the first shot is because we didn't see the floor of the carriage, which is where the stakes were stashed. (we only saw the seats in the first shot, it's not until the second shot where we actually see the floor and all of the explosives.

Corrected entry: After Dracula has bitten Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula just drops the body. Based on the way Dracula drops it, the body should have fallen on its side. When the Frankenstein Monster is picking up the body, the body is now lying perfectly straight on the ground with its arms at its sides.

Correction: The body could have bounced. Also, people don't die instantly from blood loss, he might have convulsed or twitched onto his back.

Corrected entry: When Frankenstein's monster falls into the windmill in the beginning, you see a large gear fly up and out at the exact same angle at which Frankenstein just fell. Physically impossible, unless of course the gear was able to somehow move through the creature. And it does NOT have to do with Frankenstein falling into the cave underneath. (00:06:55)

Correction: It might have hit both Frankenstein and the monster on its way up without we noticing it as it all happens below the flaming inferno. Also we can the the wheel come spinning on its way up so it makes sense that they were hit by it instead of 'going through' them.

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Corrected entry: When the lightning hits the bridge as the friar crosses it, there is no real rain on the bridge, but a split second later, the bridge is inundated as if it had been rained on for minutes. (01:41:15)

Stuart Green

Correction: You can clearly see it is raining on the bridge before and after the lightning strikes.

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Corrected entry: When Van Helsing is on the coach and is attacked by the brides a shot from behind the coach shows him riding through a pass cut through the mountain. It immediately cuts to a shot from the side and only trees are behind the coach. (01:11:45)

Joel Gordon

Correction: This was done to show them riding through the Carpathians before getting to Budapest. The scene with the mountains shows them in the Carpathians and the scene in the forest shows them getting in to Budapest.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: Before Anna first sees Velcan transform into a werewolf, her hair changes slightly in several different shots while she investigates the strange noise.

Correction: Her hair remains as it is through all the scenes.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Carl and Van Helsing arrive in Transylvania, Carl is measured by the Grave Digger as 5 foot 7 inches. In 1880s Europe, most people used the metric system.


Correction: You have supplied your own correction: "MOST people used the metric system". The grave digger is one of the ones who didn't.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, Dracula's 3rd finger on his right appears and disappears.

Correction: When looking closely at Dracula's right hand throughout the movie, you will see that the 3rd finger is always there only until the point when he mentions the ring. In truth, when Dracula shows where his ring WOULD have been, he was only keeping the 3rd finger down to show it. The finger was never really cut off.

Corrected entry: After Dracula kills Dr. Frankenstein, you can see the blood (Computer generated) on his face "retract" up into his mouth, before he wipes at it with his hand. Mismatched computer effect.

Correction: No, Dracula is a vampire. Obviously, he has the power to "absorb" blood into his body without having to use the undignified approach of licking himself.


Corrected entry: When Van Helsing and Carl are riding through the snow capped mountains, it is obvious that most of the mountains are just a painted set prop.

Correction: All of the shots were either on location, or done with Computer Graphics. There are no set props during the scene.

Continuity mistake: In the final fighting scene between Dracula and Van Helsing it can be seen that Dracula has all his fingers. However, later in the scene, when he asks Van Helsing for the return of his ring, one of his fingers is missing.

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Anna Valerious: You ask a lot of questions.
Van Helsing: Normally I only ask two."What are we dealing with?" and "How do I kill it?"

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Trivia: In the scene with the antidote, when they turn around and one of the vampire brides is hanging upside down behind them, her jaw splits open down the middle, showing a very large, three-sided "mouth". This is exactly the way the 'Reapers' from Blade 2 look, though less pronounced.

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