Blow Dry
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Phil Allen: A beauty is that, Shelley. A beauty.

Phil Allen: Detroit, 1982. World Styling Finals. We're running around shouting, "Foul," while the Yanks, whose combs mysteriously do not wilt, do not melt, just carry on styling. No prizes for guessing who took the medals that year.

Phil Allen: Just because summat's fixed don't mean you can't break it.

Phil Allen: Your highlights go green if you leave 'em in too long, love.
Sharon: How long's too long?
Phil Allen: 'Bout now.

Other mistake: When the guy that is hosting the hair competition is looking up at the old train station display board and going through the names of the salons, The Cut Above is on there, even though they haven't entered the competition at that stage. (00:14:40)

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