The Alamo

The alamo is attacked on the 13th morning. Travis takes a bullet to the head. Bowie is stabbed y bayoneters. Everyone is killed. Crockett is executed in the morning by soldiers. He's a screamer. Houston flees from Santa Anna, but runs into him. Houston attacks and wins. The last imagine we see, is Crockett's spirt playing his violin at the Alamo.


Continuity mistake: While one of his advisors tells Houston that some of the men from Gonzales have deserted to go to the Alamo, the advisor's hands change from clasped in front of him to on his knees. (01:06:55)

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William Travis: One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.

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Trivia: The director filmed five different deaths of Crockett for the film. The one used is based on a letter from a Mexican officer found in Texas in 1935 and has been called a fake by histories of The Alamo.

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