Carry On Dick
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Lady Daley: All this talk of Big Dick. I've had enough of it.

Reverend Flasher: Ah, I see. Well, I'd like to use my organ again.
Capt. Desmond Fancey: I beg your pardon?
Reverend Flasher: The bellows are leaking and they do cost so much to repair them.

Reverend Flasher: William, don't you think it's time you came to church again?
William: What do you mean, Rector? Don't you remember? I was there last Sunday. I took the collection.
Reverend Flasher: I know. Next Sunday I want you to bring it back.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sid James is trying to teach Barbara Windsor to count by using her two best assets, watch his coat. From the front Sid wears a white shirt, brown waistcoat and matching top-coat. From the back however, Sid has lost his top coat and is in his waistcoat and shirt sleeves. As the scene cuts between the two shots, Sid's coat disappears and reappears.

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Trivia: Not only was this film Sid James' last Carry On, it was also the last one the fabulous Babs Windsor appeared in.

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