Carry On England

Trivia: The film was a box-office failure and was withdrawn from some cinemas three days after opening. It only recovered the production cost after sales to television companies and international releases.

Trivia: Kenneth Connor's line, "I've been regular for eighteen years", is an in-joke about his time in the "Carry On" films. He made his debut in 1958, and when the film was released in 1976, he was in the films for eighteen years.

Trivia: The British Board of Film Censors originally gave England a "AA" certificate, but Peter Rogers, fearing he would lose his younger and most loyal audience, made some subtle cuts and got the rating lowered to the more usual "A."

Trivia: When Gunner Shorthouse is speaking to Sergeant Major "Tiger" Bloomer in the barracks, Bloomer says to him, "Get it out, lovely boy." This is a reference to the BBC TV comedy series "It Ain't Half Hot Mum", which starred Windsor Davies and Melvyn Hayes. "Lovely boy" was a catchphrase Davies often used in the series.

Trivia: Judy Geeson (Sergeant Tilly Willing) is the real-life sister of Sally Geeson, the actress who appeared in the films "Carry On Abroad" and "Carry On Girls."

Trivia: Carol Hawkins was originally offered the role of Bombardier Murray, but turned it down due to the excessive nudity in the film.

Trivia: Max Harris replaced Eric Rogers as the film's composer as Rogers refused to work on the film after being told that budget cuts would reduce the traditional 40 piece orchestra to a 20 piece orchestra. Rogers would however return to do the score for "Carry On Emmannuelle" (1978).

Revealing mistake: When the toggle on the gun is pulled back that supposedly injures Captain S. Melly's fingers, it doesn't actually make contact with them.

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