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The Piano (1993)

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Continuity mistake: When Stewart discovers Ada tried to send a message to Baines and bursts into the house, the view from inside the house shows a clear day outside. When he drags her out, it's now raining heavily.


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Suggested correction: It starts to rain when he is coming back home, you can see the water and hear it. And it was not a clear day, it was morning and there was no sign of sun because the sky was grey.

Continuity mistake: When Stewart has a heated argument with a group of Maoris over some land deal, a guy with two feathers in his hair appears in front of him between shots. (01:06:10)


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Flora: Actually, to tell you the whole truth, Mother says that most people speak rubbish, and it's not worth it to listen.
Aunt Morag: Well, that is a strong opinion.
Flora: Aye. It's unholy.

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