Man on Fire

Corrected entry: In the scene where Creasy has kidnapped Fuentes and has Fuentes propped naked on the hood of his car, Creasy is shown in one shot removing his rubber gloves and walking around the car, and in the next shot, he continues to walk around to the front of the car, talking to Fuentes, and is seen removing the rubber gloves again.

Correction: Creasy removes one glove, walks around the car, then removes the glove on his other hand.

Corrected entry: When Creasy is being taken away in the car, he is fingering the St. Jude pendant & necklace and they show a closeup of him dropping the necklace to the floor. However, the next camera shot from outside the car shows the necklace still around his neck.

Correction: In the shot from the outside of the car, what appears to be the necklace is actually the zipper on Creasy's jacket.

Corrected entry: When Pita's dad (Marc Anthony) kills himself, we know that the gun is loaded with only one round and no magazine. However, when his wife comes in and finds him, the slide is open on the pistol. It should be closed since the magazine is what causes the slide to remain open after the last shot is fired.

Correction: In some weapons, for example a browning, a magazine with at least one round in it is required to allow the slide forwards, and empty magazine or no mag will cause the action to lock to the rear.

Corrected entry: After Creasy kills Jorge Gonzales, he pushes the car off a cliff. When the car hits the ground, it explodes - but the explosion actually starts before the car has hit the ground.

Correction: The car actually explodes just as it hits the ground. Not before.


Corrected entry: Creasy reveals that Pita's father played a part in her kidnapping, and participated in a plot along with his lawyer to keep half of the ransom money, and still get Pita back. What I'm wondering is how was he planning on this plan working? If the ransom drop hadn't been hijacked, the kidnappers surely would have counted the money before returning Pita to her family, and realized half of it was missing. Wouldn't they have killed her upon realizing that Pita's father had tried to pull one on them, thus foiling his plot to get her back and keep half the money? It seems his master plan was dead before it even got started.

Correction: For example: The father and lawyer contact the kidnappers. They ask the kidnappers to abduct the child and ask for $50,000. The father and lawyer state that they will get $25,00 for their effort. We have no idea what the deal between the 2 groups was.


Corrected entry: When Creasy goes to the lawyer's apartment to kill him he walks in and finds him already dead, floating in the swimming pool. He finds him and he is floating next to the side of the pool closest to Creasy, but when Creasy turns to walk away the shot changes and the lawyer is no longer floating in the pool at all, let alone on that (now far side) of the pool.

Correction: The first shot of the lawyer floating dead in the pool shows him slowly sinking to the bottom. In the shot where Creasy walks under the stairs to enter the house, the lawyer has sunk lower than the surface, and there is a reflection on the pool, so you cannot see deep enough into the pool to see the body.

Corrected entry: The first time Creasy drops Pita off at school, he needs to sign in. The second time he drops her off (when her Mother went with them) nobody has to sign in, they just drop her off and leave.

Correction: The first time Creasy dropped Pita off at school, it was her first day back at school. He may only need to sign her in on the first day back, and not subsequent days.

Corrected entry: When Pita's father brings home a dog, the dog is a puppy. A few scenes later, when walking the dog outside the piano teacher's house, the dog has grown up considerably - however no time has passed, since Pita is still the same age.

Correction: It is a few scenes later, though not the same day. A significant amount of time has passed. Dogs age faster than kids (1 human year = 7 dog years), that's why Pita is still the same age.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: When the chief of intelligence and the reporter talk about making up she replies, "no dormimos, cogemos." Cogemos is not used in Mexico. It is rather an Argentinian slang.

Correction: Cojemos is indeed Mexican slang for having sex. It's commonly used in northern Mexico, specifically in Tijuana near the border with the US.

Continuity mistake: When Creasy is cutting off the fingers of Jorge Gonzales, the sunglasses resting on Gonzales's nose constantly changes from one shot to the next. In some they're halfway down his nose so you can see his eyes, in others they're pushed all the way up. (01:18:00 - 01:21:00)

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Rayburn: A bullet always tells the truth.

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Trivia: When Pita is doing her homework and notices Creasy smiling, they play a game to see who smiles first. This scene was completely improvised.

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Answer: To cleanse his bullet wounds and to try and keep in shape.

Also, felt closer to Pita through her swimming.

Chosen answer: Creasy swimming in the pool can be considered as as a way to be close to Pita. His blood in the water could also be interpreted as him and Pita becoming one.

Answer: It was meant to recuperate damaged muscles after being shot at by kidnappers.

Answer: The reason he was swimming in the pool is because he had open bullet hole wounds to his body, the chlorine and bleach in a swimming pool kill bacteria thus helping him from not dying of gangrene before he has a chance to get his revenge. He knew from the first bullet to his body he was not going to make it out alive so he did what he had to do to get as far as he possibly could. He believed she was dead, he had nothing to live for, he was killing as many as he could before he fell off the wagon.

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