In the final segment, John Lithgow goes over the edge of madness, takes the cop's gun and shoots at a plane window, trying to kill the creature and it runs away. The window breaks, there are pressure complications, panic ensues and the plane must be landed immediately. When the plane lands, the plane crew takes a look at the plane engines and wings and see that the plane is busted up... so there really was something damaging the plane and John Lithgow wasn't imagining things. He is strapped into a straitjacket and taken away in an ambulance. Dan Aykroyd is driving the ambulance and he asks Lithgow: "You wanna see something really scary??"

Ultra Magnus

Continuity mistake: In the airplane, the window shade in the seat next to the main character repeatedly opens and closes between shots.

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Mrs. Weinstein: Remember this one, Mrs. Dempsey? Not last night but the night before, 24 robbers came knocking at my door, as I ran out, they ran in and this is what they said to me.

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Trivia: Vic Morrow, one of the leading actors in the movie, and two children, Renee Chen and My-ca Le, were killed during filming when one of the helicopter stunts went wrong. For more information:

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