Twilight Zone: The Movie

Continuity mistake: After the old folks turn into kids, Harry, the boy with the glasses, is seen climbing up the side of the house, yet in the next shot, he is running through the bushes toward the camera.

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Revealing mistake: As Mr. Connor flies into the retaining wall after being thrown from the Korea setting, you can see the "stone" structure wobble.

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Revealing mistake: When Passenger asks Driver to pull off the side of the road, so that he can "show him something really scary", Driver pulls way off to the left shoulder, instead of just pulling onto the right shoulder.

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Revealing mistake: As Car Driver approaches the yellow caution sign of the winding road they are traveling, he continues driving straightforward, never once turning the wheel, and periodically turning his head to talk to Passenger.

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Mr. Bloom: I found out, a long, long time ago, that I wanted to be my own true age and try and keep a young mind.

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Trivia: During the opening credits where the eye comes toward the viewer, if you look at the pupil, you will see a picture of Rod Serling.

Larry Koehn

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Question: With the death of Vic Morrow, how were they able to film him being captured by two Nazi officers and thrown into a freight train car?

Answer: Due to production logistics, movies are rarely filmed in a linear timeline. Storyboards visually map out the entire plot to provide the director continuity while filming different scenes, in various order, and often simultaneously with second-unit directors. As to the movie, Morrow's segment was originally supposed to end with the Vietnam scene. After Morrow rescued the two children, thus redeeming his character, he was to be returned to his own timeline. However, after the fatal accident and with the filming incomplete, the scenes were reordered so that the segment now ended with Morrow being sent to a Nazi concentration camp.

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