A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

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As Vic and Quilla escape from the surreal, post-apocalyptic underground cult, Vic finds his telepathic dog, Blood, waiting topside for him, near death from starvation. Quilla implies that Vic should forget about the dog. Although not shown, Vic kills and cooks Quilla, and both Vic and Blood eat her, saving some for later. As Vic and Blood depart, the dog telepathically chuckles: "Well, I'd say she certainly had marvelous judgment, Albert, if not particularly good taste."

Guy Holladay

Factual error: In the fight immediately after Vic meets Quilla June, someone approaches Vic's nest from the right and fires just past his head. Vic turns and returns fire. The raider, who was moving forward, flies back from the impact and dies. Of course, bullets don't spread out their impact energy enough to knock someone back, no matter the caliber. (00:38:30)


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Trivia: Science-fiction author Harlan Ellison wrote the original novella "A Boy and His Dog" in 1969, and director L.Q. Jones wanted Ellison to also write the screenplay for this 1975 film. When it became apparent that Ellison could not provide a screenplay (due to "writer's block"), Jones co-wrote the screenplay. In a DVD commentary decades later, Jones said that Ellison was pleased with the finished screenplay and movie except for certain dialogue. Ellison was especially offended by the last line of the movie, spoken by the telepathic dog, Blood: "Well, I'd say she certainly had marvelous judgment, Albert, if not particularly good taste." (This grisly line alluded to Vic and Blood eating Quilla June Holmes, the female love interest, in an act that happens off-camera.) Harlan Ellison said it was a "moronic, hateful, chauvinist last line, which I despise."

Charles Austin Miller

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