Alvin and the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein

Corrected entry: In the same scene where the blanket shrinks to the size of a cape, you can see Alvin's bed behind that has no blanket on it. You can also see Theodore's bed which never had the blanket taken off but that too is bare.

Dan Moat

Correction: Alvin's bed has no blanket on it because Simon is using it as a cape. You can only see the very top of Theodore's bed, where the pillow and the top of the blanket is. The blanket has a light green border at the top, before it is checkered. Which is what you see in the tiny bit of Theodore's bed that's in the shot.

Continuity mistake: When singing the song about what they would do if the monster came to their room in the night, Simon puts on Alvin's duvet/blanket as a cape. It then shows an imagination sequence where the blanket is a correctly sized cape to fit him. When it returns to the real world, the 'cape' is the size of his imaginary cape, nowhere near the size of the bed.

Dan Moat

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Dr. Frankenstein: I am going to turn you into a mindless zombie. Have you ever seen a mindless zombie?
Alvin Seville: Are you kidding? I live in Hollywood.

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