The Punisher

Question: What is Frank saying during the arms transaction and what is the language? The last part of what he says sounds phonetically similar to "dinga hoash."

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Question: In the extended version, when Frank confronts Jimmy about his betrayal, why did he make Jimmy commit suicide instead of killing Jimmy himself?

Answer: Jimmy is drowning in massive gambling debt and has had to resort to selling everything of value he owns as well as steal money from evidence lockers to help pay his debt down. He has nothing to live for and is merely going through the motions of life, and coupled with his guilt over selling out Frank and getting his family killed, Frank concludes Jimmy needs to take his fate in his own hands.

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Question: What classic song are Joan and her friends listening to when the Russian and Frank Castle are fighting in Castle's room?

Answer: The song is "La donna é mobile" from the opera Rigoletto.

Question: Why doesn't Stan Lee make a cameo in this movie, the second Punisher film, or in both Ghost Rider movies?

Answer: Simple - Stan Lee never created these characters. They were created by the people who worked on the comics. The only Marvel films that he appears in are ones he had a hand in creating.


Answer: They were actually planning on using Jigsaw as the villain in the sequel until Thomas Jane and director Jonathan Hensleigh exited the project and the studio rebooted the character with Punisher: War Zone. They probably just wanted to show the Punisher's origin first, which would allow him to be fully established by the time a sequel came around, and they would have more to screen time to establish Jigsaw.

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Question: Where in the movie does Marvel's Stan Lee make his cameo appearance?

Answer: He did not make a cameo appearence in this movie.

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Question: Since when do they leave guns of the deceased at the scene of the crime? Castle comes back some time later after the massacre and picks up several from a case.


Answer: I'm just guessing here, but since dozens of people were killed in what was determined to be a mob hit, and since there were no next of kin, everything was probably left there and boarded up since the entire area was a crime scene that was still under investigation.

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Continuity mistake: When Saint's men murder Castle's family, the man who tried to escape on the motorcycle is shot and falls off next to the motorcycle. The motorcycle slides and comes to rest with the back of the motorcycle facing the large deck and ocean. However, when Castle chases his wife and son, he picks up the motorcycle, and it is turned around with the front facing the ocean.

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Candelaria: Vaya Con Dios, Castle. Go with God.
Frank Castle: God's gonna sit this one out.

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