The Howling

It turns out that everyone in "The Colony", where Karen is sent to recuperate after her werewolf scare, is also a werewolf. Karen's husband (Bill) gets bitten, and in turn bites Karen during her harrowing escape. To warn people, Karen returns to her TV anchor job, turns into a werewolf on camera, and has her friend Chris kill her with a silver bullet. At a bar, some people watching TV have mixed reactions to Karen's transformation (some think it's real and some don't). A man orders a steak for a woman.. and it's Marsha (Eddie's sister) who survived the fire at The Colony...

Guy Holladay

Continuity mistake: When Karen finds Terry's corpse, there is nothing visible on her, and half her body is shown. In the next shot a white blanket is suddenly on her body, all the way up to her neck. (01:03:15)

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Charlie Barton: Sorry to scare you, ma'am, thought you was a cowjacker.

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Trivia: Many shortcuts had to be taken due to the incredibly tight budget. For example, the infamous final shot of the sex-scene being hand-drawn animation was done because the crew ran out of time and money and couldn't get the shot done in live-action. Additionally, Karen's final transformation was not seen, and her transformed face is only seen in extreme closeup because the effects crew ran out of money and could only afford to make a small puppet head for the scene.

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Question: Why did Erle try to kill himself?

Answer: He hated the way they were living. Acting human, hiding who they truly were, integrating into "normal" society. He wanted to be wild and free. When they were feared and worshiped.

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