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Corrected entry: After Karen finds Terry's corpse, she goes to the desk and tries the phone. She then walks back over, and now Eddie is under the sheet. How could he have removed Terry's body, and got under there, firstly in such a short time, and secondly, with Karen hearing any noise whatsoever? (01:03:20 - 01:04:10)

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Correction: Werewolves are supernatural beings with some supernatural skills. One of them seems to be an ability to sneak up on a person unnoticed and making no sound whatsoever, as proven by many similar incidents throughout the film. Besides, in this particular scene, Karen is distracted by strange loud noises and has turned her back just long enough for Eddie to act.

Continuity mistake: When the two station reporters are showing Eddie's drawings to George Waggner, the drawings change position on the desk between shots. (00:16:00)

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Charlie Barton: Sorry to scare you, ma'am, thought you was a cowjacker.

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Trivia: Many shortcuts had to be taken due to the incredibly tight budget. For example, the infamous final shot of the sex-scene being hand-drawn animation was done because the crew ran out of time and money and couldn't get the shot done in live-action. Additionally, Karen's final transformation was not seen, and her transformed face is only seen in extreme closeup because the effects crew ran out of money and could only afford to make a small puppet head for the scene.


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Question: This question applies to both this movie and Howling 4. Was there some kind of hypnosis involved that made the husbands of the protagonist want to stay in the communities after they were bitten by a werewolf?

Answer: Whether it be dog or wolf, the primal instincts take over. Every creature, in nature, has an urge to seek out their own kind. When the husbands were bitten, they are consumed with the desire to hunt, kill and mate.

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