The Stand
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Mother Abigail: "Once in every generation, the plague shall fall among them." That's what is says in the book... Seems you might have went a little far this time.

Kyle G.

Mother Abigail: I hear ya lord, and I'm in the way of doing your will. But I don't much like it!

Kyle G.

Visible crew/equipment: 25:05 into the second episode of the TV miniseries, in the scene where Nick Andros and Tom Collins meet Julie from the drug store, the boom mic is seen for several seconds at the bottom right of the screen after Julie crosses the street to meet them.


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Trivia: In the scene where the judge is killed by the two sentries, one of the sentries is played by director Sam Raimi (of Spider-man fame).

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Question: What is the book on Stu Redman's bed when he is in the hospital?

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