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Corrected entry: In the scene where Flagg is freeing Lloyd from prison, Randall Flagg extends his right hand, palm up, to Lloyd in a wide shot. Cut to closeup of Flagg's left hand (not right) holding a key that turns to a black stone. Cut back to 2-shot of Flagg and Lloyd with Flagg's right hand once again extended. Lloyd attempts to take the stone from Flagg's right hand.


Correction: It's not supposed to be his left hand. It's a left hand in a rubber glove of a right hand. The sound makes faint cracking noise and the fingers bend "backwards" on his fake right hand. It's just a poorly done special effect not a continuity error.

Corrected entry: In Part One of this series As Stu leaves the Vermont Center For Disease Control there is Graffiti on the sign that reads "All Dead Here." When Stu returns to the center with some other survivors the sign is immaculately clean. (01:27:40 - 02:27:15)


Correction: The sign upon which 'All Dead Here' is spray-painted is near the street, and further out from the building than a small grassy area and a flagpole. When we see the sign 'later in the movie' that is immaculate, it is not the same sign at all, but one much closer to the building.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the power station is turned back on, they show several electrical things turn on by themselves. The third thing they show start up is a dryer in a laundromat. This wouldn't start for 2 reasons. One, the timing mechanism would have timed out months before. And, 2, the dryer would need its start button held in while the motor started up.


Correction: The timer could have been at the beginning of the cycle when the power was initially interrupted, and not all dryers need the start button held to start. Many laundromats I've used in the past would start as soon as the door closed, there was no start button.


Corrected entry: When the crazy-man that says the end is coming dies in Arizona, his body ends up in New York

Correction: He was always in New York. Randal Flagg was in Arizona and sensed The Monster Shouter (the crazy man) spouting off about the end and used his powers to kill him. No mistake here.


Corrected entry: At both the first town meeting and when the power first gets switched on, Harold is shown to be unhappy and brooding in all his close-ups, but in crowd shots he's smiling and excited.

Correction: When he appears to be smiling and happy, he's faking it. The close-ups are meant to show how he really feels.

Corrected entry: In many scenes throughout the movie, there are corpses strewn about. The only people who die instantly were the ones in the Army lab, the rest suffered from the flu for 3-4 days before dying. It makes sense for people to die in their cars while fleeing cities but, for example, there is a corpse sitting on a tractor when the four men are walking to Vegas, and a scene with a diner filled with corpses. With people dying everywhere and everyone is sick, no one will be drinking coffee or plowing fields.

Correction: This is actually true to the book, where dead people were found in various "every day" poses all over the place. People fool themselves every day, and with the onset of this killer super-flu, many people convinced themselves that they did not really have it (Claiming it was hay fever/allergies or a cold, nothing more), or that they would survive this like they had survived other flus before. So they kidded themselves into continuing with their regular lives, until they passed out, and eventually died, in their seats.


Revealing mistake: When the camera pans across Kareem Abdul Jabar's dead body sprawled out on the steps, the corpse blinks.

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Mother Abigail: "Once in every generation, the plague shall fall among them." That's what is says in the book... Seems you might have went a little far this time.

Kyle G.

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Trivia: Toward the end of the movie when Stu and Tom are driving back to Boulder in the snowcat, there are two sentry's on duty. One is Stephen King himself, and the other is Mike Lookinland who played Bobby Brady on the Brady Bunch television show. In fact, when they are hugging the Stu and Tom, you can even hear Stu call him "Bobby".

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Question: At the beginning of the movie, what is the name of the song playing during the opening credits and who is the artist?


Chosen answer: The song is "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.

Damian Torres

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