Blood In, Blood Out

Factual error: Rick Berry retired from the NBA in 1980. He would not have been a factor in any NBA game played after 1980. This comes up in the scene where Miklo is talking to his boss about a bet on an NBA game after 1980.

Factual error: When Cruz is schooling Jaunito about "Quetzalcoatl" in the background the song "Low Rider" is playing. The timeline states it's 1972, but the song wasn't released until 1975. (00:08:10)

Continuity mistake: During most of the movie, Miklo has these incredibly blue contacts on. However, in some scenes (also closeups!) his eyes are the actor's natural grayish-green color.

Revealing mistake: In prison where Magic Mike and Miklo are talking, Miklo leans over to whisper something to Magic. If you look at Miklo's shoulders, you can see his singlet tan that he must have gotten while shooting the scenes in the beginning, but that part was at least 5 years before.


Revealing mistake: When Cruz, Miklo, and Paco take out the customer's car cruising they pass a Olds Cutlass and Chrysler Cordoba on the street that are newer than 1972. (00:11:00)

Montana: You speak Spanish huero, so do parrots.

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Question: What does Wallace mean when he says "Short handled holes" in which Montana responds "I've used a few of those myself"? This takes place in Delano.

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