Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

the news reporter played by alicia silverstone is the main bad guy.1alicia silverstone is just the REAL bad guy in disguise.2the time the main bad guy shows up at the museum with alicia in our sight,it is someone covering up for her to make people think she isnt the bad guy.The guy we think is dead is the main villian and is still alive.Scooby destroys all the monsters with a control panel Velma modified to destroy monsters instead of create them.Velma finally goes out with patrick(the guy she likes).All the scoobies go to the Faux Ghost,a club for all previous villians unmasked by mystery inc,and Ruben Studdard (the latest american idol)sings a song and every body dances.


Revealing mistake: When Velma is running from the two one eyed skeletons she goes into what looks like a warehouse and the floor is all wet and in some places there are puddles. When the skeletons come they step into a puddle but the water doesn't even splash or ripple. (01:11:20)

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Shaggy: We're gonna die!
Daphne: Think positively!
Shaggy: We're gonna die quickly!

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Trivia: Near the end when Shaggy is putting on Captain Cutler's helmet, you can hear Scooby say "Mary Jane is a man in a mask" which is a line from the first movie.

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Question: In the scene when the Black Knight Ghost and the 10,000 Volt Ghost are destroyed, I can see how the Black Knight was destroyed but how was the Volt Ghost destroyed and also, how could a jumper cable hurt him? I never understood that part exactly.

Answer: The jumper cables "conducted" the 10,000 Volt Ghost into the Black Knight, causing them both to explode.

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