Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Corrected entry: When the Falcon leaves Hoth and is being chased by the Empire, there is a scene where the ship gets rocked about. During the 'impact', C-3PO's arm becomes dislodged, and you can clearly see human skin underneath. (00:36:20)

Correction: The actor who played C-3PO, Anthony Daniels, wore a black body suit and hood under the costume, at no point was his 'human skin' visible.

Corrected entry: Spaceships are partially transparent on occasion. An example: when the two Star Destroyers collide towards the end, one is visible through the other.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Star Destroyers never collide towards the end of this movie.

Corrected entry: In the Emperor's rewritten dialogue for the special edition in the holographic scene with Darth Vader, he tells Vader that "the young Jedi who destroyed the Death Star is the son of Anakin Skywalker," which draws disbelief from Vader - but earlier in the film Darth Vader said, "The rebels are there, and Skywalker is with them." In other words, he already knew who Luke is.

Correction: Vader has learned, courtesy of Imperial Intelligence, that the pilot who destroyed the Death Star is called Skywalker, a surname that, for all we know, may be a common one on Tatooine. It's quite a big leap between knowing the name and realising that this is actually his own son, as he believes that his child died with his mother before he could be born. Some disbelief on his part is entirely justifiable.

Correction: Disney had nothing to do with the Star Wars franchise when this film was made so what you're seeing is just three circles which happen to resemble a Mickey Mouse head, not an actual "hidden Mickey" that Disney is known for placing in their films.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: If the Rebels had this large fleet of ships and fighters (as seen at the end of the film) then why wasn't this fleet there to defend the home base on Hoth against the imperial attack?

Correction: Those weren't battle ships. They were medical frigates, supply ships, etc. There were only a few x-wing fighters flying around. Wouldn't have been much of a fight against the empire.


Correction: Unless we know enough about Wookie anatomy to know that they don't have what appears to be two holes in their mouths, then this mistake is invalid.

Corrected entry: In the original Empire Strikes Back Vader quotes "Bring my Shuttle." Which a lot of fans thought was better than "And let my Star Destroyer prepare for my arrival." In SE there is a scene with Vader walking towards his shuttle, which makes more sense. However the original didn't make any sense. The phrase "bring my shuttle" claims the shuttle isn't there at all, it's not waiting it's just not there. Unfortunately Vader beats the Falcon to the Star Destroyer which doesn't make sense. If the shuttle wasn't there already and bring it implies it wasn't waiting then how could Vader get there so fast. Logically if Vader planned to leave the city he wouldn't tell his shuttle to leave well before than, and the Falcon was picking up Luke and about to go outer space. So unless the shuttle was parked right next to the docking platform it doesn't makes sense on how he got to the destroyer first which is why it was changed in SE.


Correction: You assume Vader's shuttle is on the Star Destroyer and has to return to Cloud City to get to him. The shuttle could have been docked elsewhere in Cloud City and Vader was instructing his officers to bring it closer to his location.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film we see the probe droid crash to the surface of Hoth. The shot then changes to Luke on his tauntaun and we see the probe droid crash again.


Correction: The Empire has sent thousands of probes throughout the galaxy. The one Luke sees may not be the same as the first one. (Alternate correction: It's just the director showing the event from 2 perspectives. The first, a disorientating view of an ice planet. The second, our hero actually seeing the event and going to investigate).

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Boba Fett leaves the garbage trail the garbage is spinning clockwise but when we see a close up and inside his ship the garbage is spinning anticlockwise.

Correction: There are a few pieces of space debris that are rotating in different directions (some clockwise & some anticlockwise). When they change views, this stays consistent. From inside his ship, you can see one piece rotating, but it's different than the other pieces you've already seen, so you can't say that it ever changed its rotation.


Corrected entry: When the meteorite hits the ground, just to the right you can see the footprints in the snow where they placed the charges.

Correction: The meteorite is shown hitting the ground from a distance. You can't see any prints in the snow, even when watching it in high quality Blu-ray.


Corrected entry: When Lando says "You're being put into carbon freeze" to Han, the words don't match his mouth movements.

Correction: Watch it more carefully. His lip movements do match. He's whispering to Han as to not be to loud, so you don't see his lips moving as much.


Corrected entry: During the attack of Hoth, Han Solo goes to the control room to see what's going on. A woman behind Leia pushes a button on a panel, and the entire panel bends.

Dr Wilson

Correction: So? The Rebellion has limited resources, their base is thrown together. They make do with all sorts of antiquated and damaged equipment.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The view from a Star Destroyer bridge should show the main hull of the ship, all we see here is the vastness of space, even worse is the Super Star Destroyer which is massive in comparision.

Correction: The bridge of a Star Destroyer is placed substantially above the hull. We never get a good look out of the window, and the lack of visible hull could easily be due to the camera angle. We also don't know which way a particular window is looking at, it would be difficult to see the hull at all from side or rear windows at all.

Corrected entry: Every time the Millennium Falcon jumps into hyperspace, a lever on the console has to be pulled, as seen in this film and "Star Wars". But when Lando and Chewbacca attempt to jump to hyperspace right before R2-D2 repairs the hyperdrive, Chewbacca reaches up and hits two switches instead. No wonder it doesn't work. (01:51:55)

Correction: Must have been one of the repairs Lando's people made to the ship.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Luke is fighting Darth Vader and Luke gets sucked through the shattered window, just before the window breaks, Luke's lightsaber is on, and immediately after it is off without him having turned it off.

Correction: 1. Luke might have turned it off while the camera was focused on Vader. 2. At least once in the beginning of the same fight (in the Carbon Freezing chamber) Vader knocks Luke's saber from his hand and it turns off automatically. Either one could account for this.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In Cloud City, when Luke is shot at by the stormtroopers, you can see from the impacts that the walls are painted wood.

Dr Wilson

Correction: They're not on a ship, they're in the middle of a city. Why is it unreasonable that the walls would be made of wood?

Corrected entry: When C3P0 disturbs Leia and Han while they are kissing, there is something hanging from his armpit, wires or some mechanism, as if he was damaged. It's not there later.

Dr Wilson

Correction: So he had a loose part and fixed it later. How is that a mistake?

Corrected entry: Just after Han realizes that they are, in fact, inside a critter instead of a cave on an asteroid, you see Leia and Han stumbling back to the Millennium Falcon. Pay special attention to Han; as he makes his way to the hatch you see the end of his hose come detached and flap around as he is running. So much for the oxygen he was breathing.

Rebecca Bennett

Correction: First off, the masks were just a precaution (there's nothing that would keep the toxic fumes from coming into the Falcon after they land, there's no air-lock on the ship). Secondly, what's to say that he couldn't just hold his breath? I've been scuba diving and the same thing has happened, I just held my breath until I got it back in my mouth.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: When Lando is talking to Han and Leia inside the cell, he says that Luke is on his way. How can Lando know this? He has never met Luke before, so he wouldn't know him or his X-wing. And, Luke can't be near the city until Han and the others are in the carbonite-freezing room (after Han is encased, an officer informs Darth Vader that Luke has landed).

Correction: Lando only references what he has heard Vader say. What he tells Han and Leia is something like "He's not looking for you, he's after someone named Skywalker". In no way does he imply that he has personal knowledge of Luke.


Corrected entry: When Chewy reassembles C-3PO, the head is on backwards. They had to cut a whole in the back of the head for Anthony's nose to stick through and it can be seen when he turns his head to the side. (I think it can only be seen in a widescreen version.).

Correction: This is incorrect. As behind the scenes photos reveal, Anthony Daniels never had his head inside the costume for this scene. Rather he had his HAND inside the mask (through a hole in the back) and worked C3P0's head like a puppet. You can briefly see his ARM in some shots.

Revealing mistake: When Captain Needa is killed by Darth Vader because they lost track of the Millennium Falcon, in the background, two guards come to take him away. You can clearly see the dead captain get up almost by himself. (01:10:50)

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Yoda: Told you, I did. Reckless is he. Now, matters are worse.
Obi-Wan: That boy is our last hope.
Yoda: No. There is another.

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Trivia: The Special Edition covers of Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes Back are wrong. The picture of the Emperor on ESB cover is from 'ROTJ', and the lightsaber duel between Luke and Vader on the cover of ROTJ is taken from 'ESB' (notice Luke is in his fighter pilot suit, and Vader is fighting him one-handed)

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Question: Why does Han irritate Leia so much?

Answer: Star Wars being for the young and the young at heart, Han and Leia's relationship unfolds in a deliberately childish manner that kids can relate to and adults will find comedic. Leia is irritated at herself for her attraction to Han, and certainly unamused that Han teases her over it, while at the same time he is not brave enough to admit his own feelings, either.

TonyPH Premium member

Answer: Because Leia is trying to bring down an evil empire while Han keeps trying to charm her. Also she sees potential in him as a leader and fighter instead of just a mercenary smuggler.

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