Paradise (1991)


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Sally Pike: You know what the worst thing is about Billie? She's always right. She has the best instincts of anybody I ever met. God only knows where she got them.

Billie Pike: Do you have a lot of friends?
Willard Young: Yeah. I'm the most popular kid on my block.
Billie Pike: I figured. I don't have a lot of friends. People think I'm a show-off.

Billie Pike: How old are you?
Willard Young: Ten. How old are you?
Billie Pike: Nine. I thought you'd be bigger.
Willard Young: Hey! Look who's talking, you midget. It just so happens I'm exactly the right size for my age. So why don't you just get lost?
Billie Pike: You don't have to go crazy. It was just an observation.

Sally Pike: If I've spent my whole life falling in love with dreams that made my life miserable, then it just goes to follow that a guy I can't stand will make me happy.

Willard Young: I'm always afraid of things. I don't know why, but I am. And I just thought if I did something that really scared me, maybe I wouldn't be afraid anymore.
Lily Reed: Did it work?
Willard Young: Yeah... it did.

Revealing mistake: When Willard goes prawn fishing with Ben he helps him sorting out the prawns from the catch. However, even though he does this right after the net has been emptied out onto the deck all fish and prawns are already dead.


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