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Corrected entry: How does the porn director, Kelly, know that they are even filming a video so he can steal it? Assume he did and assume he knew that he knew Eli had it (which is another stretch I think) - the video tape he held up when confronting Matthew didn't have a label on it, so how'd he know which one to steal from Eli's house?

Joel Gordon

Correction: He could have easily learnt about the video, he could have talked to one of the guy from the school, as he seemed to get along with them quite well or the two porn stars could have told him somehow. As for the video, he broke into Eli's house and probably had enough time to look through several videos. Not too hard to find a recently made video, especially when Eli was probably still editing it.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: In the strip club scene when Matt smokes a cigar and is talking to Kelly, the way he holds the cigar continuously changes between different camera shots.

Correction: People smoking a cigar rarely hold it in one position the whole time, even changing its' position every couple of seconds. Especially while speaking, some people use their hands, and whatever is in them, to gesture and emphasize points.

Corrected entry: When Matt tries to convince Eli and Klitz to go to the beach, two girls walk past them. Then a couple of seconds later, three girls walk around the corner. (00:08:00)


Correction: There is not enough clarity in the movie to be sure if any of those two girls are part of the three who walk around the corner. Those three could be a completely different group from the two who walked past them. One of the two who walked past them was a blond with a handbag on her right shoulder and one of the three girls was a blond with her handbag on her left shoulder, further supporting that they are different people.

Corrected entry: At the strip club, when Danielle goes to use the bathroom, there is a stripper standing in the background. When Matt starts to sit down, the stripper is now squatting. (00:43:15)


Correction: Strippers move when dancing, and squatting is a very common move. In the quick cut in the shot, it's enough time for the stripper to move.

Corrected entry: The morning after the prom, a crisis breaks out when it is discovered that the tape has been stolen. Kelly has the tape, and threatens to play it for the parents and school official. When he does, it is fully edited, with complete titles. When the guys were making the tape they were using three cameras. It is highly unlikely that early the next morning this completed production would have existed at all, even if Kelly had somehow broken in unnoticed to steal the material.

Correction: That was all part of the plan - the material had to be recorded and formatted within a very short period of time. In my opinion, Eli's "minions" and himself stood up all night editing the material.

Grigory the Wanderer

Corrected entry: The morning after the convention, the mailman passes by Matt's house. In the next shot, his clock shows that it is 6:30 am. If it was 6:30 am, the sun would not be so bright, and the mailman would not be delivering mail. (00:59:15)


Correction: Seeing as how prom was coming up in the movie, it probably took place in May. In southern California the sun rises between 5:40 and 5:45am. 45 minutes later at 6:30 the sun would be bright enough to come through his window. Also, mailmen start their routes as early as 5am, and even by 4am on business routes.

Correction: Debra is her stage name. (Or one of them) It's rare for a porn star to use her real name. The popularly quoted urban legend about porn star names is to take the middle name as the first, and either the street name they grew up on, or her 1st pet's name as the last name.

Corrected entry: When the tape is played revealing Danielle to be a porn star, the VCR counter is shown in close up counting up from zero and then one and two seconds. After almost a full minute of play time the counter is shown again and is only at the twelve second mark.

Correction: This is a joke and not literal time, the joke being how quick the sex scenes starts in a porn film.

Corrected entry: When filming the sex education video at the end of the movie, one of the actresses is nude, but she doesn't need to be. The only reason they might do this is so the audience thinks it's going to be a porn video.

Joel Gordon

Correction: We haven't seen the whole sex ed video so we don't know for sure that she doesn't need to be nude. There could be a scene, for example, where two people appear to be having sex, but the genitals are not shown, and bare back and buttocks of the woman are seen. In that case, she would need to be nude. Remember, this is a sex ed video for the 21st century.

Corrected entry: In the strip club when Danielle gets up to go to the bathroom, the stripper in the background is standing up. When Matt starts to sit down, she is now seen squatting.


Correction: Strippers do dance you know. Dancing would involve squatting I'm sure.

Corrected entry: Danielle parks her car right in front of Dr. Salinger's house when she and Matt are about to go swimming. When Dr. Salinger arrives home with his family, he shows no immediate concern for why a stranger's car would be parked directly in front of his home. (00:23:35)


Correction: She was parked on the street, so what if it was directly in front of the house? There are plenty of strange cars parked outside my house. There would be no reason for him to care that someone parked outside his house.

Corrected entry: At one point the kid says he and the girl are the same age. How is that possible? He's probably 17 or 18, and since you have to be 18 to be in a porn movie, and since she's already retired, she would have to be several years older than 18.

Correction: In the whole entire movie there is no scene explaining that Danielle is retired. As a matter of fact there is a scene with Hugo Posh that explains the fact that she is just starting out and everybody already knows her name. Being that she is just starting out, it is very possible that she is only 18 or 19 years old.

Corrected entry: When Matt's dad brings Danielle a drink, she places it on the table. Matt then pictures her giving his dad a b.j. When he snaps back to reality Danielle is holding the glass. (00:33:25)


Correction: Time's passed in reality while he imagines what's happening. In fact, her putting down the glass in the first place might have been part of his imagination to enable her to do what she did...

Corrected entry: When Danielle and the guy are in her car in the evening the first time the roof continually changes from being up to down and back again depending on the shot; usually exterior - roof up, interior - roof down.

Correction: The roof is up the entire scene. When they are inside the car you can see the glass of the rear window. When Matt is outside the car, you can see the reflection off the hood from the moonlight.


Corrected entry: Towards the end, where Matt is in the changing room getting ready to star in the sex education film, he goes to walk out of the room, placing his hand on the door knob. After the shot of Matt, it goes back to a shot of his hand, which is in a different position on the door knob, to that of the previous shot.

Correction: The shots are supposed to be different, as the first one is what Matt thinks is going to happen when he opens the door, as opposed to the second which is what actually happens.

Correction: It would not be difficult information to find once he was in Vegas. Probably every cab driver in the city would know about it, as well as there likely being billboards or information on the internet.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Kelly removes Matt from class, he turns onto Interstate 47 north. Nowhere on the west coast is there an Interstate 47. There is no US 47 at all. (01:02:05)


Correction: The city is not identified, and using a fictitious Interstate or Highway leaves room for the viewer to more closely identify with the premise that there might really be a porn star living next door.

Continuity mistake: In the strip club scene, three drinks are ordered by the characters. Later when the waitress comes to put them down, she puts down the second drink at one end of the table and in the next shot Matthew is already touching the glass on the other side of the table. Afterwards, the number and position of the glasses changes frequently between shots.

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Ferrari: I know I lost my virginity at prom. How about you? When did you lose your virginity?
April: When I was ten.
Ferrari: Okay, moving on.

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Trivia: In the director's commentary, Luke Greenfield revealed that during the scene where Emile Hirsch is getting a lap dance in the strip club (the scene might have been removed in the theatrical version) they had to put about 4 pillows between Emile Hirsch and the stripper. This was due to the fact that Emile Hirsch was only 17 when the film was made and under child pornography laws he could not have a naked woman touch his body. (00:42:40)

Lummie Premium member

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Question: What kind of car is Kelly driving? Please include the model and year.

Answer: It isn't possible to tell the EXACT year without knowing the VIN number, but the car is a mid-1970's Pontiac GTO.


Answer: 1968 Pontiac lemans 350ci.

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