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Secret Window (2004)

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In the end it is revealed that John Shooter (Turturro) is actually a personality of Mort Rainey (Depp) who has dissociative identity disorder. In the end, Shooter overwhelmed him, becoming the dominant personality, essentially destroying Mort. It is clear that Shooter pushed Rainey to correct his life, not the story, to take his revenge and kill his wife, Amy (Bello), whom he was currently going through a divorce with. After being confronted, Shooter took control of Rainey's body as Mort Rainey was unable to live with what Shooter had done on his behalf and performed a sort of 'mental suicide', as was hinted to by Shooter (now played by Depp) with the comment of "Now I never put a hand on him, Misses, I swear, he took the coward's way out." A fight ensued between the two, ending with Amy laying behind the house in the garden, wounded, unable to flee. Ted (Hutton) arrives, lured behind the house by Amy's screams. Shooter (Depp) kills both Amy and Ted with a shovel. Before he kills Amy, as he advances upon her, he recites the true ending of "Secret Window", the one he wanted Mort Rainey to replace with the 'ruined ending' Mort wrote. "'I know I can do it,' Todd Downey said, helping himself to another ear of corn from the steaming bowl. 'I'm sure that in time, every bit of her will be gone, and her death will be a mystery, even to me.'" He goes into town to shop, where the locals become unnerved by his presence, either tensing up or fleeing from the store. Later the Sheriff arrives at "Rainey's" cabin, discovering masses of corn in the kitchen. Rainey/Shooter is upstairs at the desk, now speaking in a confident manner, void of his Mississippi accent. The Sheriff tells 'Rainey' to stay out of town, they know what he did and that as soon as they found the bodies they could tie it to him. Rainey/Shooter agrees to shop out of town, grinning at the Sheriff as he states that the ending is the only thing that matters "This one's very good, this one's perfect." The last scenes are a tightly packed row of corns, growing in Amy's garden, now Amy and Ted's grave site, and Shooter/Rainey biting into an ear of corn.


Continuity mistake: When Mort is trying to figure out what to write, he is pacing around and his hair is messed up. He walks to the chair (hair still a mess) sits down, then in the next shot there is a close up of his face and his hair is perfectly brushed.

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Mort: I buried my dog, mister.

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Trivia: One should really stay to the very end of the credits, as Johnny Depp (Mort) sings an amusing little tune.

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Question: When Mort shows Ken his bruises, does Ken see them? Later in the movie when Mort is obviously crazy, he can't see his bruises. So, were the bruises his imagination or were the bruises being gone his imagination?

Answer: Mort never shows the bruises to Ken. He plans to when they meet Tom in the morning, but we never see him actually do it. It doesn't matter whether they were there or not (either they were self-inflicted or imaginary), the fact that they appear and disappear shows his altered perception.


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