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Continuity mistake: Keifer initially grabs Ethan's neck with his right hand and pins him up against the wall with it, but for the rest of the scene he's using his left. (01:08:50)


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Continuity mistake: When Angelina goes to the scene of the murder witnessed by Ethan, she is seen sitting on the footpath. At the start she has a pad on her left knee and a pen in her left hand. However as the scene progresses, it disappears and reappears several times. (00:23:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Angelina pulls up in front of Ethan's apartment she hears 4 shots from inside. During the replay, when the viewer sees how things really happened, there are 5 shots. (01:10:25 - 01:31:20)


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Costa: Come on, Illeana, you didn't fall for James Costa. Someone as beautiful and powerful as you doesn't fall for a faggy art dealer. Okay?

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Question: After they find the body in Asher's apartment, and the cops are securing the scene, Paquette says, "lab results for Acosta's DNA came in...he's clean" How did his DNA clear? It came back as James Acosta?

Answer: As "Costa" was initially a suspect, the police took a DNA sample, which did not match any DNA on file - that was what they meant by "he's clean." It basically means that Asher was very careful at not leaving DNA evidence (other than that of others like Hart to frame them). Presumably the real Costa had no DNA profile linked to his identity on file either, or it could have returned a mismatch and revealed Asher's deception.

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