Twisted (2004)

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Continuity mistake: Ashley Judd is sitting in a bar with Andy Garcia when an ex boyfriend walks in. She says to Andy, "I do not get involved with ex-boyfriends." During that line the camera is to her left and she is holding a drink almost to her mouth. While she says the word "involved," the camera switches to her right side and she is not holding a drink. (00:31:00)

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Continuity mistake: After Jessica fails John's "test" detailing the crime scene photos on the bulletin board behind her, it cuts to Jessica back at her apartment. In the closeup we see Jessica polish off the glass of wine she's drinking, and in the next wideshot from behind she lowers the glass from her mouth, but in the next closeup her glass is half full, even though she never refilled the wine. (01:11:50)

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Continuity mistake: While Jessica and Mike are at the bar to get information about the second victim, when she grabs the bartender and shows him both photos, the way she holds them changes between shots depending on the angle. (00:46:20)

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Continuity mistake: While Dr. Frank is explaining to Jessica that their session is standard procedure for any cop who's been through a traumatic experience, he's holding both his pen and eyeglasses in his left hand, but in the closeup the pen is suddenly lying on the writing pad by his right hand. (00:15:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Jessica finds the gift box of roses outside her apartment, there's a closeup of the card signed "Ray", then a few shots later in the next closeup of the card the signature "Ray" is entirely different. (00:56:00)

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Continuity mistake: Ashley Judd and Samuel Jackson leave the main room in the bar where her promotion part is going on and go to a back room with a pool table. As they walk past the end of the table Ashley pushes the 8 ball into a corner pocket and you hear the sound of two balls hitting each other. The camera cuts away from the table. After a brief part of the conversation, as Ashley leans on the end of the table, the camera cuts back to the end of the table and the 8 ball is back in its place. (00:09:25)


Question: What really happened to Ashley Judd's parents and why did Samuel L Jackson do what he did? Also, why did he start killing again? Was he planning on killing Ashley Judd as well?

Answer: He killed the parents because the mother was sleeping around and it was driving the father insane. He began killing Ashley Judd's lovers because he could see she was becoming like her mother.

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