Audio problem: When the four friends are in a French restaurant and Scotty, Cooper, and Jenny are trying to persuade Jamie to join them on their quest to Germany, Scotty's line is heard as "I Love Denmark," but his mouth forms the words "I Love Amster," as if he was in the process of saying Amsterdam before the shot changed.

Audio problem: At the graduation Fiona tells Scott that they need to talk. He says, "Yeah, about what?" and the shot changes and you can see he is mouthing "about what" again. (00:03:55)


Continuity mistake: After the graduation, we see Scott writing an e-mail to Meike for the first time in the movie. He writes nearly a line, stops, and the next shot of the computer screen shows that there is about three lines just as he starts typing again. (00:05:55)


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Cooper: This sucks. I can't believe I'm the only one who didn't hook up while we were here. Europe is officially the worst country on earth.

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Trivia: As Cooper stated at the vandersexxx: the "safeword" is really not a word, it's complete nonsense. The letters are taken from several European languages. One letter, the €€, is the symbol for the Euro, the EU currency. (00:51:35)


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Question: When Scotty gets email, it says "mail muthafu**a." Is this something that they did just for the movie or can you get this somewhere?

Tobin OReilly

Chosen answer: It was made for the movie but you can now find it all over the 'net. Try a Google search.

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