101 Dalmatians

Corrected entry: When the buffalo head falls on Jasper there is a closeup of the horn landing just between his legs. The next shot shows the buffalo head the other way around with the horn between his head and his arm.

Correction: No, the horn lands between his wrist and upper arm. You can see his glove and flashlight.

Corrected entry: If the movie is set in England, where did the raccoons and skunk come from?

Correction: Well they could have been imported and got away, they could have got on a ship by accident and whilst in England adapted to their environment, there are lots of explanations.

Corrected entry: Cruella flies into one of her rages, and declares that the animals should be turned into hamburgers and served "with a side of fries." Since Cruella is English, she should have said "chips" instead of "fries." The mistake is probably there so American audiences can understand the nuance of her tirade.

Correction: This is only true to some extent. Yes, you would definitely say "chips" if you walked into an English fish and chip shop, but you would never walk into a McDonald's in England and ask for a Big Mag and "regular chips". So maybe she was referring to fast food?

Continuity mistake: Shortly after Jasper & Horace steal the puppies, a blue Renault 4 is seen going past the entrance to the mews. About 3 seconds later it goes past again in the same direction.

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Cruella De Vil: And you must be Rufus.

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Trivia: To get the dogs to lick the humans, they had steak juice daubed on their skin.

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Answer: It was typical for marriages to be announced in the print newspapers, just like births and deaths. They are public notices.

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