The Sin Eater

Mara gets killed by the Sin Eater and Alex is forced to remove her sins. Alex then stabs the Sin Eater with the knife, but he doesn't realise that whoever kills the current Sin Eater becomes one. Alex (as the Sin Eater) goes to the Cardinals house and kills him by making him swallow his sins.


Factual error: There is one scene in the movie where Heath Ledger reads a Latin sentence in a book. As he is translating the sentence, he goes over the words one by one with his finger. This would never be possible in a Latin sentence, because words in Latin are never - I repeat: never - in exactly the same order as in English. Words that actually belong together can be placed on opposite ends of a sentence.

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New York Detective: Is says here she tried to kill you at an - exercise class?
Alex Bernier: She tried to kill me at an exorCISM.

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