Leave It to Beaver
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Eddie Haskell Jr.: You looked as though you just walked out the runway.
June Cleaver: Eddie?
Eddie Haskell Jr.: Yes Mrs. Cleaver?
June Cleaver: Cut the crap.

Ward Cleaver: June, you're vacuuming in pearls. You know what that does to me.

Gilbert Bates: Yo, I'm Gilbert. This summer, my parents shipped me off to camp. I caught impetigo. And when I got back, my dad had moved out. Only since then he moved back, but he's still sleepin' in my room and he's sleeping on the couch.

Judy Hensler: All right. Sit down and shut up! You're gonna learn this stuff if I have to shove it down your throat! And just where do you think you're going... Beaver Cleaver?
Beaver Cleaver: Thanks anyway, Judy. But I'd rather go through 3rd grade a hundred times than listen to your ugly voice for one minute.

June Cleaver: I'm worried. I'm worried. About our. About our. Beaver. Beaver.

Judy Hensler: Wow, Beaver. You really pulled up your grade. You got a "C."
Beaver Cleaver: Really?
Judy Hensler: Yeah! A "See me after class."

Continuity mistake: In the shots where Beaver and his dad are driving in their car, the car behind them keeps changing. It is really close, then really far away, and then really close again, faster than the car actually could.

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